Apna 990 AM 990 AM Auckland

Apna 990 AM - 990 AM

Phone: (649) 836 2762

Coordinates: Westpac Building, Level 3 362 Great North Road,Henderson

Contacts: info@apna990.com

Apna 990 AM is a broadcast radio station from Auckland, New Zealand, providing Bollywood, Top 40, Pop, Oldies Hits, News, Talk, Information and Entertainment. s Caesar, stabbed by Brutus, is very fittingly a Dark Day in New Zealand's history. The massacre of 50 innocent lives, shot in the back, while engrossed in their Friday Prayers, at Christchurch's 2 Mosques, plus many others injured, and still in critical condition, fighting for their lives, is a horrific incident, which will forever be etched in one's memory. (I too have faced the barrel of a gun, at point blank range, but at least I knew what was coming, with my eyes transfixed on the trigger, which thankfully was not pulled. At least I had the opportunity to wonder, what would happen to my family, and how my wife would bring up my 6 years old, twin sons, if the trigger was pulled). But these unsuspecting people, did not even have the luxury of getting such an opportunity, to see death coming, their way. It was just a sudden instant death. Their distraught family’s lives, all shattered forever, in an instant. New Zealand doesn't deserve this. Considered as one of the safest countries, in the world, with very kind, gentle, friendly and welcoming people, without any hang-ups. That’s precisely, the reason, I made a decision 22 years ago, to move to NZ

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